Overrides the media-type of the response returned by its inner route with the given one.


def respondWithMediaType(mediaType: MediaType): Directive0 


This directive transforms HttpResponse and ChunkedResponseStart messages coming back from its inner route by overriding the entity.contentType.mediaType with the given one if the entity is non-empty. Empty response entities are left unchanged.

If the given media-type is not accepted by the client the request is rejected with an UnacceptedResponseContentTypeRejection.


This directive removes a potentially existing Accept header from the request, in order to “disable” content negotiation in a potentially running Marshaller in its inner route. Also note that this directive does not change the response entity buffer content in any way, it merely overrides the media-type component of the entities Content-Type.


import MediaTypes._

val route =
  path("foo") {
    respondWithMediaType(`application/json`) {
      complete("[]") // marshalled to `text/plain` here

Get("/foo") ~> route ~> check {
  mediaType === `application/json`
  responseAs[String] === "[]"

Get("/foo") ~> Accept(MediaRanges.`text/*`) ~> route ~> check {
  rejection === UnacceptedResponseContentTypeRejection(ContentType(`application/json`) :: Nil)