Since its inception in early 2011 organisations around the globe have been running applications using spray successfully in production.

For the ones who’d like to make their using spray public we have created this page. If you’d like your organisation to be listed here (along with a backlink) please provide us with the following details:

  • Name of your organisation
  • Homepage URL
  • Short statement about how spray is used and/or your experiences (so far) with it.
  • Logo (optional)

Thanks again for all your hard work on spray. The vCloud Integration Manager wouldn’t have shipped (at least on time) without it, and we look forward to continuing to use it in our current project as well. :-)
We are using spray for an internal project here at ebay. It is quite small, and it was mostly as an excuse to learn about actor-based programming, but so far we have been very impressed by spray’s performance and simplicity and the fantastic support on the user group.
Movio is a big data analytics platform for the cinema industry. We receive all our data through our Restful API, powered by spray. We have some complex requirements with routing and spray’s routing module provides the flexibility to dynamically manipulate routes. We also use spray as the REST backend to our application console which is a single page web app. spray is an awesome platform = akka + http + performance + simplicity.
At Pongr, spray powers the restful API used by our iPhone & Android apps and has been in production for a few months now. We use spray-routing on top of spray-can, wrapped into one fat jar. We are very happy with spray.
We’re using spray for a sizeable set of REST web services for our real-estate platform. Some of the services are a REST-based event bus, a notification/email system, a rights-management system (kind of like an authority/security system), and many others. We’re getting excellent use out of spray, and want to pass on our thanks again for all the work!
Metafor Software
We just went live with spray in production for the REST backend of our “single-page” web app a couple weeks ago. Very low volume, since we’re still in semi-private beta, but I’m very happy with it so far. The immutable request/response model is a huge win for clarity and composability.
TimeTrade has used spray to build a number of core services within our online appointment scheduling system, and we plan to use it for even more. It also forms the basis of our stress testing framework. We’ve found it to be of excellent quality, and it represents the immutable model of HTTP in a very elegant way. The team behind it is very responsive and helpful.
We are running spray in front of our ad-server at, hosting ads for several high-volume websites (millions of visitors everyday). 3 servers are deployed with custom tarball with dependencies copied in it, and are running with custom init-scripts. We’ve started with play2 but switched to spray in the first week of production and never looked back. Besides technical merits the active community is what makes this project awesome.
We decided to use spray + Akka instead of using Play + Akka, as we’d like to have a clear separation between the API- and presentation layers. We are still in the earlier stage of building our infrastructure but are impressed by the community and the spray team’s responsiveness.
We are using spray-can, spray-server and spray-json for our customer-facing query API for more than 2 years now and are very happy with it. Our API code is robust, fast and easy to maintain.
Animatron LLC
spray powers our internal REST services used to communicate components of our rendering engines and back-end servers. We faced some challenges but got excellent support from the development team. Keep the good work!
We developed a new product completely on top of Scala/Akka/spray and are just finishing up beta.
system insights
We converted from Jersey, which took about 2 weeks. The testability of spray is great – and runs fast.
Our web application is running on spray-can. We have a couple of static HTML web pages, images etc. served by simple spray routing Directive, but the most of the content is loaded via AJAX/REST/JSON. We use a Postgresql database with Prequel (enhanced a little bit).
We’re using for a REST interface for our fixtures management toolkit. Our experiences so far have been very promising and we are considering using it for the development of our new real-time single page web application. It is very easy to deploy and integrates very well with our existing scala codebase (akka etc.)